Interested in joining the Tower Theatre team? We are looking for applicants for the positions listed below.

Graphic Design Intern – Application

Our marketing team is made up of dedicated individuals who are able to work under tight deadlines and maintain a high level of attention to detail. It’s up to our marketing team to manage the Tower Theatre brand to maintain consistency and integrity. Our marketing intern will create content for social media platforms and work with the marketing team to conceptualize and produce brand collateral.

Box Office Attendant – Application

The Box Office is often one of the first moments we have to create a pleasant experience for patrons of Tower Theatre. It’s up to the Box Office to provide accurate information in a warm way when interacting with patrons and third-party partners. Our Box Office team is made up of friendly, kind, and welcoming individuals who want to be on the front lines of our interactions with our patrons.

Street Team – Application

Our Street Team is made up of passionate, dedicated people who want to be on the frontlines of Tower Theatre marketing strategy. Our Street Team knows the coolest spots in town (and out of town) and has a good sense for helping Tower Theatre collateral stand out.

Bar Manager – Application

Theatre Tech – Application

 Our production team makes it all happen. From load in to break down, our theatre techs know the ins and outs of putting on a great show. Our production team interacts directly with tour teams to ensure seamless events.