I’m not the kind of person that gets rattled by celebrities, but when Steve Earle walked into the office last month to say hi, I calmly introduced myself as Jack and went on to chit chat for a few minutes about politics, autism and Cheever’s chicken fried steak. This was the coolest I’ve ever been, except that my name is Chad and definitely not Jack.

This wouldn’t still be ringing in my ears except that it happened again a few weeks ago while meeting a certain rapper who unexpectedly dropped in to perform. “Your name is Kat, like Kat Williams?” he said. “Yes” I answered, “just like Kat Williams.”

Most people assume that working at the Tower means you get to meet every artist that comes to town, but that’s entirely not true. We’ll spend all day with the tour and some ancillary members of the team, but there is so much to do in one tour day that most shows come and go without meeting the artists. Which is why It’s so crazy that of the handful of artists I met this year, I botched two intros.

Welcome Backstage, the written version of what’s happening at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City. If you don’t like reading, just call us up on the phone and ask for a story.

The rules of this space will evolve over time, but expect some concert previews, reviews, photos, stories and more as they happen. It’s tempting to regurgitate the same things here as are on social media, but we’ll try not to. We also won’t make this a place to say anything bad about anyone, that’s not our way.

I share those opening stories to communicate one over-arching point: we’re just normal folks over here. Hard-working Oklahomans just like y’all. And we do Tower because we love OKC and we love movies and music. Thanks for joining along even if it’s just reading a few words on the screen.

– Chad