Local Legends – Broncho, Colourmusic & DEERPEOPLE – Friday Night Only!

Oklahoma’s infamous Winter weather had recently taken hold, and the Tower team was scheming up a brand new concert experience. The show, we decided, should feature a lineup of exclusively Okie artists, and should have far-reaching, inter-generational appeal.  While not an original concept on its face, our conversations with Nic Ley (one half of the Flaming Lips’ drumming duo & Colourmusic drummer) led us to the conclusion that Broncho and Colourmusic were the best artists to bring to Uptown for our celebration of local artistry. Things got even crazier when our friends DEERPEOPLE agreed to come out of retirement for one night only and kick things off.

If we have to come up with MORE reasons to catch DEERPEOPLE, followed by Colourmusic, followed by Broncho, then stop reading here. We’ll never convince you of this or anything else. To everyone else though, read on to discover how excited the bands are to play together on the Tower stage: 

“There’s no doubt this will be the best rock show in the world on this day. It’s gonna be a nasty loud awesome reunion for Oklahoma, degenerate musicians.” – Ryan Hendrix, Colourmusic

“DEERPEOPLE’s unexpected last show was over two and a half years ago in a poorly attended college town bar. That means we’ve got about two and a half years of pent up ambition to bring you the Reunion Show and Last Show that no one knew they needed.” – Alex Larea, DEERPEOPLE

So there you go. A Broncho/Colourmusic/DEERPEOPLE all Oklahoma show is waiting for you this Friday night. Get your babysitter and your tickets here and we’ll see you for all the fun this Friday! 

– Chad Whitehead