Built To Spill | Keep It Like A Secret 20th Anniversary Tour

Live at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City on July 22, 2019.

Twenty years ago, Boise’s Built to Spill recorded one of the finest indie albums in history: Keep it Like a Secret. Critical acclaim for the record was anything but. Reviewers lauded the album as a once-in-a-generation success story, and the band went on to inspire industry titans like Modest Mouse, Spoon, and Death Cab For Cutie.  Even Pitchfork, known for their quick-cutting commentary and less-than-friendly reviews, ranked the album among the very best of the 90’s. 

When the opportunity came to book the Keep it Like a Secret 20th-Anniversary tour, I couldn’t say no. They hadn’t played OKC in years – not to mention they’d be performing THE album in its entirety! How do you say no to a band that informed your “formative” music years? The short answer is, you don’t say no, you say yes.

Here’s my challenge to you. Give Keep it Like a Secret a listen. Whether it’s your first time or your five hundredth, I’m almost certain you’ll find it to be instantly familiar – filled to the brim with an infectious, summertime vibe. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have ordered tickets by the time track 2 begins. I hope to see you at the Keep it Like a Secret 20th-Anniversary Tour, this Monday (7/22) on our historic stage. 

– Chad Whitehead