JUST ANNOUNCED | Projector Club

Tower Theatre has a proud legacy of hosting film in historic Uptown 23rd. Jokes about our brief stint as an “adult” film venue aside, generations of Oklahomans have made lasting memories at OKC’s original home for the movies. For this reason, a state-of-the-art cinema system was non-negotiable when Tower was remodeled in 2017. If you’ve attended a screening since then, you’ve witnessed the magic of cinema at Tower firsthand, and we’re so thankful for your patronage.

The question for today now becomes: “How do we take that magic into the future?” The reason our building sat for decades in disrepair is surprisingly simple: presenting exclusively film is financially risky. Tastes have changed since the days of Cleopatra and The Sound of Music, and long gone are the days of dressing to the nines and driving into town for a moving picture show. Streaming has taken much of the mystery out of the moviegoing experience, and independent cinemas are fighting hard to stay afloat. 

Enter Projector Club.

Tower’s Projector Club is cinema in its simplest form. Do you love movies and the shared experience of watching them together? Chip in just $10/month for guaranteed access to at least 8 films a month on the big screen. That’s it, you’re part of the club – and we’re just getting started. In the coming months, we’ll roll out exclusive member perks, bar specials and surprise screenings for our Projector Club and their guests! Cancel when you want, no questions asked – but we’re hoping that the price (less than a single ticket at other theaters) and selection will keep you coming back. 

We’ll work hard to program a variety of movies that appeal to the diverse needs of OKC’s growing population, and schedule everything one month in advance so you’ve got plenty of time to plan. While we’ll still present an occasional feature that isn’t included in the Projector Club, members will have priority access to tickets before they’re available to the general public.

The subscription model outlined above allows us to dedicate dates on the calendar for film, and to choose movies that our members want to see. Enrollment is now open, and we’ll be announcing a full line up of August titles TODAY! 

Interested in joining? Sign up now and you’ll also receive complimentary admission to Cowboy Swordfight – an Art Show & Film Binge curated by Oklahoma artist Jack Fowler – as a “thank you” for your contribution! 

Thanks in advance for your support of Tower Theatre and our commitment to film. 


August Line-Up