Basket Case
Mondo Mondays with Lucas and Ryan

Basket Case

Ages 21+
Catch Basket Case at our Free Mondo Monday Movie screening at Ponyboy Upstairs December 2 2019 at 9:00PM




Join us every Monday night for a free movie screening hosted by Lucas and Randy. Each week Lucas and Randy will guide you through the strange twistings that are "genre films" by curating selections preserved by the American Genre Film Archive. Watch the films in the recently upgraded Ponyboy Upstairs on our giant 120" screen with equally giant concert sound while your favorite Ponyboy bartenders serve up the free popcorn and your favorite libations. Stick around after the show and Lucas and Randywill test your knowledge and extend the experience with trivia and other activities.

Arrow Films presents: Basket Case

Forget about what’s in the box- WHAT’S IN THE BASKET?! In the shocking debut of auteur Frank Henelotter, Basket Case invites us to witness one of the grittiest renditions of New York City ever caught on film. Our young hero Duane and his literally twisted brother Belial navigate the urban wasteland while dealing with one of the most upsetting codependent relationships ever seen on film. A masterpiece of body horror, Basket Case will make you laugh, make you squirm and most definitely make you feel very weird.

Venue Information:
Upstairs at Ponyboy
423 NW 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103