Calliope Musicals
Tower Presents at Ponyboy

Calliope Musicals

Calliope Musicals
Hott Handz
Ages 21+
Calliope Musicals Performs Ponyboy in Oklahoma City on August 25.

This show will take place at Ponyboy upstairs.



  • Box office and will call open 30 minutes before doors
  • Free parking lot directly south of the theatre across 23rd street
  • Full bar inside venue
  • ATM in the lobby
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed in the building
  • Visit our website for more information!


Calliope Musicals' antic live shows are a blast of secondhand glam fueled by an inclusive yet otherwordly sound. Lush keys and guitars provide propulsion for lift-off, or lube for a love-in, as Fussell’s lyrics slip in her resilient confessions.

On Calliope Musicals’ forthcoming LP with Rhyme & Reason Records, Color/Sweat, lead singer Carrie Fussell lets out lyrics like she just licked the apple of Eden and likes it. Calliope’s antic live shows are a blast of secondhand glam fueled by an inclusive yet otherworldly sound.

Check out the new video for single “Cosmic Poison Arrow” out now!


Hott Handz is an indie punk band formed in Oklahoma City in early 2019. The band is an amalgamation consisting of members from OKC’s Bad Jokes (Bradley Morris and Britt Stewart) and The So Help Me’s (Lindsey Cox and John Wilkerson). Hott Handz sonic foundation is built around the playful songwriting of guitarist/vocalist, Bradley Morris. Their music showcases whimsically curious lyrical play laced over sweet and simple chord progressions, often juxtaposed by gritty throws of lead guitar and whoopee vocal utterances.



Venue Information:
Tower Presents at Ponyboy
423 NW 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103